Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Pedophile Ring Found Dead

Add one more person to the Clinton body count. Monica Petersen was found dead under “suspicious circumstances” while working for the Human Trafficking Center in Haiti. During the time leading up to the election, Wikileaks released thousands of emails linking the Clintons to pedophelia and strange connections to Haiti and child trafficking. Reddit User billclintonisarap1st has reportedly uncovered this new mysterious death linked to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in so much detail, it can’t be denied.  Her friends are still searching for answers but know the answer deep down.

Monica was always critical of the Clinton Foundation and their dealings, she even went as far as writing a detailed article explaining what was taking place and the connection the Clinton’s had with the New York Times and Billionaire Carlos Slim who is known for his “humanitarian” activities.

Be sure to read carefully. More details from REDDIT

Tell Me Now had this to report:

A friend reports on what she was researching:



A friend of Monica’s Bella Robinson confirms that Monica was in Haiti at the time of her death and was investigating “the Clintons possible ties to a pedophile ring.”

As Bella reports her family “hasn’t been able to get any straight answers about her death.”

And she doesn’t believe it is appropriate to post what she knows in public.


One of her friends, after finding out about her death, has suggested continuing her work and heading to Haiti to find answers.

According to her Facebook, Monica Petersen had checked into Port Au Prince, Haiti.

The reddit user believes that Monica was onto something and that she “very likely…found out about #PizzaGate”

PizzaGate is the disgusting elite child trafficking network with links to the occult.

Monica Petersen’s Memorial Service will be held Friday at 12:30 p.m. at the University of Denver.

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