Twitter Banning People for telling Fired Journalists to “Learn To Code?”

When blue collar workers suffered during much of the Obama years so-called “journalist” decided to give those laid off workers some advice, “Learn To Code.” But not that those same journalists are the ones who are going through tough times Twitter has decided to take sides and blatantly show its sickening double standards.

Here is more via Breitbart:

“Recently, a number of journalists across multiple outlets were fired as part of mass layoffs; BuzzFeed was one of the most prominent outlets affected by this with many of their journalists finding themselves jobless and taking to Twitter to request new employment. The resounding response to journalists on social media a was a simple reply: “Learn to code.”

The sarcastic reply was a reference to a number of articles written by publications which derided blue-collar workers who feared that they may lose their jobs as a result of automation and artificial intelligence. At the time of writing, journalists encouraged these workers to learn to code as that is seemingly where the future of employment lies. Some of these articles were compiled in a tweet which can be seen below:

Now, Twitter has ruled that telling journalists to learn to code is “targeted harassment.” A Twitter spokesperson stated that the situation was “nuanced” but that telling laid-off journalists to “learn to code” could be considered “targeted harassment.” The spokesperson told Breitbart News: “It’s more nuanced than what was initially reported. Twitter is responding to a targeted harassment campaign against specific individuals — a policy that’s long been against the Twitter Rules.”

Now keep in mind Twitter never had any issue whatsoever when these bottom of the barrel journalists were telling hard-working Americans, many of which lost everything to “learn to code.” But all of a sudden, this is “targeted harassment.”

Hey Twitter, this isn’t targeting harassment, it’s called “What comes around goes around.” And if you as a so-called “Platform” doesn’t stop acting like a “Publisher” the same kind of Karma will hit right in the ass when millions of lawsuits are filed against you for the crap you do allow, like the harassment and outright death threats you allowed towards the Covington kids.

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