When America Fell from Grace

For the past forty-plus years, America has slowly and steadily declined as a nation and a world power, thanks to the rise and growth of the naïve progressive ideology that promotes the hobbling of American power projection. As a subset of this ideology, American influence has been hijacked. In its place are social justice programs and anti-colonial measures that victimize takers and demonize makers. For the republic, this is a toxic combination akin to Superman and kryptonite.

I believe that history will record this point in time as a crossroads for our country and the people who make up our republic. Historians will mark this time as the moment America fell from grace. Future generations will ask their elders, “What was it like to live free?” I believe America is still an exceptional country, even though she has acquired some rust, rough edges, and has been led astray. America is my home, my first love, and it is the country that gave hope to a world in crisis. Unfortunately, there are traitors among us who actively seek to extinguish the flame of freedom and erase America forever.

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