Racism Or Race Baiting: Lake St. Louis Missouri, The Next Ferguson?

If you believe the description in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the subdivision that Maritha Hunter-Butler lives in, with her lesbian partner and two sons is an exclusive, gated community with maids/gardeners and lawn jockeys in every yard. When, in fact, their home is one of many such homes, in Lake St. Louis, in which middle class families reside, and the similar subdivisions are springing up all over the former farming community. Middle class and nothing extravagant.

The Manors at Glen Brook subdivision sits off Highway N in an unincorporated part of western St. Charles County. The 80 homes are bound by a set of restrictions set up in 2003 as the subdivision was being built, aimed to keep the neighborhood quiet and uniform in appearance.

And, in another, even more leftist rag, The Riverfront Times, goes a step further in exaggerating the extravagance.

If you’ve got the money, these cookie-cutter communities offer wide driveways, pristine lawns and gargantuan houses (even if they all kind of look the same). More importantly, they present a kind of fantasy neighborhood, a perfect image of affluence far removed from the grime of city life.

And if you weren’t getting the picture they wanted to paint for you, they add this statement.

And, for at least one resident of the Glen Brook Manor subdivision in St. Charles, that fantasy definitely doesn’t include black people walking their dogs.

What they fail to add to their article is that these black men were snapping pictures of houses as they walked down the street.

Here are the tax records for the Hunter-Butler home. It is owned by Hunter-Butler and her son, Christopher Winston. The purchased the home for under assessed valuation.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.03.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.06.42 PM

Hardly an expensive home for the Lake St. Louis area, and in the lower market ranges for the St. Louis region.

Take a look at this video, by Umar Lee. See how he agitates the situation when the responding police officer shows up to investigate trespass allegations after the Hunter-Butler family invited activists, to their neighborhood, to knock on neighbor’s doors. See how quickly he escalates the situation, accusing the officer of racism.

Christopher Winston records a conversation between his mother and the neighbors in their attempt to resolve neighborhood disputes. Notice they stand their ground in and threaten the white couple at the 4:45 minute mark in this video and bring the race card into play.


So, the question is, why would someone intentionally move into a subdivision and with the intent to ignore subdivision covenants, county statutes, behave in a threatening manner to neighbors by snapping photos of their homes, assaulting them, and inviting known racist activists to knock on neighbors doors, if, of course, you’re not trying to incite a race issue?

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