Cultural Marxists and the Racial Divide

MassieYou almost have to feel sorry for black people. The great majority of them have either consciously or unconsciously accepted the idea that they’re a prisoner culture still fighting for freedom. This has led to a developmental plasticity that has at its core the celebration of being marginalized and viewed as an inferior subculture.

The late Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote:

“The social alienation among the black lower class is matched and probably enhanced, by a virulent form of anti-white feeling among portions of the large and prospering black middle class. It would be difficult to overstate the degree to which young well educated blacks detest white America.” (January 1970 letter to President Nixon)

Little could Moynihan have had known the depth of factuality he presented in his observation. That said, the one observation that escaped Moynihan, were the lengths white cultural Marxists would go to manufacture and cultivate blacks feeling “put upon” and oppressed by white America. He also underestimated the ability of self-serving blacks to superimpose themselves as the vilest examples of the nomological heterodoxies born out of the communist mind of W.E.B. Du Bois and propagated by his “talented tenth.”

Sneakers from above. Male and female feet in sneakers from above, standing at dividing line.

The message that blacks are not treated fairly and that they have a right to be motivated by acrimony is a message those blacks fortunate enough not to have been aborted imbibe every day.

You never hear white cultural Marxists or the so-called black illuminati preaching how great it is to be Americans. The transpicuous levels of success, attainment, and merit-based accomplishment notwithstanding, blacks are told how bad they have it, juxtaposed to how blessed everyone is to be living in America. Even the icon of all things black, former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali famously said when asked what he thought about Africa following his victory over George Foreman in Zaire: “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat.”

A perfect example of the daily message of “you are treated differently because you’re black” that blacks are inculcated with is evidenced by researchers at the University of Arizona and Portland State University.

In a so-called research study done by these two institutions it was determined that “blacks have to wait 32 percent longer at a crosswalk than white people.” Based on a study that involved 88 pedestrian trials and 173 drivers, the white cultural Marxists who conducted this witch-hunt, have now been able to parlay their personal bigotry into funding for an 18-month project conducting field tests.

Of course the so-called researchers concluded what they already espouse. Said being: “What makes contemporary forms of bias (read racism) so pernicious – [is that] we may not be aware that we (read whites) have these [racial] biases.” Thus a new white boogey-man blacks must fear.

Kimberly Kahn, one of the so-called researchers piously claimed: “These subtle forms of stereotyping are pervasive across [white] society, and the majority of [white] Americans hold some level of subconscious bias (read racism) or association by just growing up in this culture.” (Does Racial Bias Show Up In The Crosswalk; La Monica Everett-Haynes, University of Arizona; California Political Review; 10/14/2015) Kahn is supposedly an expert in implicit stereotyping, biases and discrimination.” (Read white people are racist and don’t know it).

So there you have it – another bogus study by a white cultural Marxist committed to exacerbating, under the guise of research, the rejection of modernity by blacks.

What these pernicious camarilla of Erebusic marplots so conveniently leave out of this study and all others is the high rate of violent behavior by blacks. These white-hating racists and all like them never factor in the idea of self-preservation of the whites they are accusing. They did not factor in the number of car-jackings by blacks or the documented unprovoked attacks upon vehicles operated by whites in intersections and crosswalks by blacks. Did they factor the attacks by blacks such as the kidnapping, rape, sodomizing, torture and murders, of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. (See: We Must Unite Against Black Racialists;; 12/20/2013)

Of course not, because that would mean holding blacks accountable for their actions. Neither these people nor their alleged researched studies are interested in truth; they are only interested in promoting white guilt, accusing whites, and continuing the idea of blacks being treated negatively based on the color of their skin.

This wasn’t a study – it was an exercise in the “golem effect” a phenomenon in which low expectations lead to decreased performance, which is a form of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It proves the title of my latest book: “Blacks are Victims: Because They’re Told They Are.” If you want to keep a people down you employ the “golem effect,” which white cultural Marxists and Du Bois’s “talented tenth,” i.e., black illuminati use to maintain control.

I subscribe to belief that higher expectations lead to increased performances. I further believe that there cannot be a cogent conversation about the American people as long it centers upon support for a lack of moral propriety and rejection of modernity by a people based on skin color.

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