[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Can Melania Trump Be First Lady After Racy Photo Spreads?

Is this the best that they can come up with at CNN? Imagine if they asked the same question because a potential first lady were “unattractive!”

Video below:

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CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield asked the Trump campaign on Wednesday afternoon if Melania Trump would be a problematic first lady, given that she previously posed in “racy photograph spreads.”


Trump, a former model, became the topic du jour after MSNBC aired an exclusive interview with the wife of the Republican presidential frontrunner. In the interview, Trump discussed her husband’s proposed immigration policies, her family and career and how she advises her husband’s campaign.

After airing a clip of the interview, Banfield complimented Trump.

“There’s no question, Melania Knauss-Trump is a very bright woman, speaks several languages. She’s articulate. She’s lovely,” Banfield told campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

Then Banfield pivoted into a critique of Trump’s previous glamour shots as a centerfold. The most well-known shots are from the British edition of GQ Magazine in 2000, where Trump posed nude on her husband’s jet.

“But she also has done some pretty racy photo spreads in the past,” Banfield said. “I mean, Maxim magazine-styled racy photograph spreads. I think it’s hard to get your mind around the first lady living in the White House with those photographs out there.”


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