[WATCH] Total Chaos At Trump Rally – A Reporter Is ‘Choke Slammed’ By Security

[WATCH] Total Chaos At Trump Rally - A Reporter Is Allegedly ‘Choke Slammed’ by Security

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Secret Service Agent, who appears to be merely doing his job…

Video below:


Or a better angle:


The Blaze has more…

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump held a rally Tuesday at Radford University in Virginia, which grew surprisingly violent as a reporter was allegedly slammed to the ground.

Among the crowd was a large group of young protestors, who reportedly shouted “Black Lives Matter” and “no more hate” before being escorted off the premises by security.

“Alright, get ‘em out of here,” Trump said. Then, he asked: “Are you from Mexico? Are you from Mexico?”

Once the protestors were removed, Trump addressed the crowd: “Alright, folks. You’re going to here this once: All lives matter.”


These events are both terrible and awesome at the same time and the election is still months away!

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