[WATCH] NBC Journalist Caught Tipping Off Clinton With Questions Before Interview

Due to technical issues Sunday night, MSNBC aired footage of NBC journalist Kristen Welker telling a Hillary Clinton aide what questions she was going to ask before a live interview.

During the post-Democratic debate coverage, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber threw to Welker speaking to Clinton’s director of communications Jen Palmieri. But because of audio issues, Welker didn’t realize that she was on the air and continued their conversation.


“And I’m going to ask you about Flint,” Welker told Palmieri. Eventually, the audio issues were cleared up and she began the interview.

Sure enough, Welker’s first question after the initial pleasantries was about the Flint, Michigan water crisis. “Let’s start with the issue of Flint,” she said. “…Tonight she came out for the first time calling for the resignation of the governor. Why tonight, and was that a last-minute decision to flip-flop?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

H/t Mediaite

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