HILLARY CLINTON: “I Will Talk Only to White People”

One of Hillary Clinton’s main campaign strategies has been to paint Donald Trump as a racist.

However, reports have come out this week linking her to notorious members of the KKK, which blows a giant whole in her narrative that Trump is a bigot and she is an advocate for minorities.

Now, a damaging new video has surfaced in which Clinton grows impatient with a black man trying to have a discussion with her over racial violence.

Rather than engage him in a civil and mature conversation, she brushes him off by saying, “I will only talk to white people.”

From Conservative Post:

In a recent video, an unidentified black man was attempting to have a discussion with Clinton about violence in black communities. He said that white violence is and always will be a problem.

Before allowing him to finish, Hillary interrupted him and said: “If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people.” She also moved into his space and waved her hands emphatically.

He calmly told her that wasn’t what he meant and that what she just said was a part of the problem that blacks encounter. He then went on to talk about changing hearts, and that’s when Clinton let her true feelings emerge.

She interrupted him again and said she didn’t believe in changing hearts, but inchanging laws and the allocation of resources. (This is something we can actually believe, primarily because more times than not, it appears as though Clinton has no heart.)

Changing laws and the allocation of resources is also something liberal Democrats love to do — as long as it benefits them.

Roll the tape…

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