World Famous Psychic Predicts Next President, Issues Dire Warning to US

One of the world’s most famous psychics has issued her prediction on the 2016 presidential election. She’s correctly predicted everything from natural disasters to the rise of ISIS over the years, and she believes she has seen a vision of the person who will take the presidential oath next…

From Mad World News:

Betsy Lewis is an internationally renowned psychic who uses her visions to make predictions of the future and numerology to explain her accuracy. Lewis has revealed who she believes will win the election in 2016, and she has a dire warning about ISIS that we should all pay close attention to as well.

Betsy Lewis began experiencing the paranormal at 8-months-old and by age seven she was seeing spirits and receiving visions of the future that are taking place now. Betsy’s predictions are written out by her and put into books, such as Prophecies 2016 and Beyond-The Prophets Speak and Mystic Revelations of Thirteen-The Key to Earth’s Destiny. After writing out her prophecies, she’s proven to be correct about comets appearing out of nowhere, the increasing economic instability, and ISIS’ trek across Europe.

After correctly predicting that Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee, Lewis is now saying that she believes he will become our 45th president.

“I remote viewed the future and saw Trump taking the Presidential Oath,” she wrote.

While Lewis has some great news about the outcome of the 2016 election, she also has a very concerning update on the Islamic State.

She predicts we will see a lot more carnage and death before the world eventually unites against ISIS and destroys them by taking out all of their top leaders.

“I see planes being shot down from the sky, and bombs exploding in cities,” Lewis writes on her website.

Here’s what she had to say about the terrorist attack in Brussels:

On March 22, 2016, Brussels airport and subway were attacked by terrorists on this master number day, an occult number. Thirty-one people died in those attacks. These terrorists are well versed in occult practices and numerology and it’s is no coincidence that the 11th district of Paris was hit on the 11th month and on the 13th day. Terrorist cells will attack cities and large groups. I can’t tell you when or where, but I urge you to PLEASE trust your intuition/gut feeling if your spirit guides tell you not to go to a movie, concert, sporting event or any large event.

While psychic predictions are in no way definitive, Betsy Lewis has been correct on so many world events throughout the years that people from all corners of the globe now place weight in what she foresees.

She couldn’t be any less reliable than the shoddy polls put out by the liberal media, could she?

Tell us what you think of her predictions in the comments section!

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