Trump Shows up in Ohio, is Greeted by Massive Crowd Chanting 3 Words

A massive crowd of 20,000 people greeted Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence on Labor Day when the pair paid a visit to the six-day Canfield Fair in Ohio.

Lined up along the midway as the Trump-Pence motorcade arrived, they began shouting, “Build that wall!”

The Republican nominee greeted his supporters, shook hands and signed autographs inside the tent of the Mahoning County Republican Party.

When he emerged, he was handed a bullhorn, which he used to make this statement:

“We’re going to bring jobs back to Ohio, we’re going to bring jobs back to the country. We’re not going to make these horrible trade deals anymore. We’ll bring our jobs back. Thank you everybody, I love you, thank you.”

The Gateway Pundit noted that there were an awful lot of “Hillary for Prison” signs at the fairgrounds.

Ohio is a key swing state in presidential elections, but it’s looking more and more as though Trump’s got it in the bag!

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