Obama’s “Best Friend” Savagely Beats Native American for Wearing Redskins Logo

Tensions still run high when it comes to the Redskins logo, which came under scrutiny months ago as the left claimed it was “racist” and “offensive.” Fans of the team stand behind the Indian mascot, though, and many of them are Native Americans.

Barrett Dahl is an autistic Native American student at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. A member of the Sac and Fox Nation, he is also a die-hard Redskins fan.

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While in Washington, DC for a Native American convention in October 2015, Dahl claims he was brutally attacked over the Redskins sweater he was wearing with pride, by an Obama Administration official who took offense to it.

William Mendoza, a member of the Oglala-Sicangu Lakota people who was appointed by Obama as a Native Affairs expert in the Department of Education, is an opponent of organizations like the Redskins using Native American people as mascots.


Mendoza approached Dahl upon seeing his Redskins sweater and hurled insults at him before spitting in his face. “He comes to me and says you’re a ‘weetard’ for wearing a Redskins shirt,” Dahl explained. “He says, ‘Where are you from that you’re such a weetard, you don’t understand that you’re offending me?'”

Instead of reacting rashly, Dahl claims he immediately left the ballroom in order to contact the police. Before he could do so, though, Mendoza tracked him down on the escalator. According to Mail Online, it was then that Mendoza beat him so savagely he wound up with a fractured arm, broken teeth and a black eye.

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When the police eventually arrived, Mendoza was quick to use his connection to Obama to his advantage, telling law enforcement that he was “best friends” with the president.

Dahl claims the police gave him an ultimatum at that point: Go home or go to jail. He told them, “I need to go to a hospital because the bones in my wrist are poking through my skin.”

Dahl was detained for over an hour with no medical attention before he was finally transported to a hospital, and he now faces severe repercussions. After undergoing three separate surgeries, he has lost 60% usage of his right arm following the attack.


But that’s not all. Dahl’s family also stands to lose their home due to tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. “I can no longer hold a pencil or drive a car or lift weights or bounce a basketball,” said Dahl. “The doctors say it will never be possible.”

Mendoza, on the other hand, has lost nothing. “Obama just kicks it under the table and keeps Mendoza on staff,” Dahl told Three Percenter Nation. “Mr. Mendoza has tons and tons of assets, a home, a family, cars, and a great job. He has gotten to keep everything in his life, and I have lost everything that I had over this attack. I didn’t have much to begin with.”

“There’s not a doubt in my mind that this person would do the same thing to a young child who was wearing a Redskins shirt,” he added.

There was no security present when Dahl was allegedly attacked, but the assault was caught on surveillance video. However, authorities have refused to release it. They also falsified the police report to make Dahl appear equal in size to Mendoza, Dahl claims. “The police report was entirely inaccurate stating that I weight 215 pounds and have brown eyes. I am a distance runner and weigh 140 pounds and have green eyes,” he explained.

There was never an investigation into Mendoza’s conduct. He was never placed on administrative leave. “He just keeps making $315,000 per year as a federal education official,” said Dahl. “He has no business working around children or for our American people.”

Mendoza is an alumni of Fort Lewis College, so even conintuing his education has been a struggle for Dahl, as he claims administrators have taken the side of his attacker. “Mr. Mendoza regularly comes to Fort Lewis as a guest speaker,” said Dahl. “I asked the school to not allow him to come speak as long as I am a student there, and they denied. They also said I am in the wrong school and I am ‘not progressive enough’ to be a student there.”

Dahl made it clear that he did not provoke a confrontation with Mendoza. “He had no business even being at the function, as he is not a student,” said Dahl. “He was not a person of authority at the Pow Wow. I was not breaking the dress code rules. I would have had NO reason to ever approach this person.”

Not surprisingly, Dahl has gotten no support from the media. “Certain media will say and do anything to paint people as something they are not,” he said. “Indian country media did an article to make me look white and make me the aggressor, all because they are also anti-Redskin… They painted me and my family as white racists, when in reality we are a lower income tribal family from Oklahoma.”

Please share this report so that Obama and his cronies in the media cannot sweep Barrett Dahl’s story under the rug!

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