VIDEO Captures Hillary’s Campaign Workers Committing Voter Fraud AGAIN

VIDEO Captures Hillary's Campaign Workers Committing Voter Fraud AGAIN

Hillary’s Team commits voter fraud in broad daylight while the videos keep going viral!

Ladies, that is a no-no!

In the video above, the first of two, a group of Hillary Clinton Campaign workers are caught registering voters while wearing Hillary Clinton stickers and buttons. Campaign employees are not supposed to wear sticker, buttons, t-shirts, etc… while on the job as some may perceive it as coercion or intimidation.

The practice is common during election season, and often, dishonest campaign workers will claim that they are “volunteers” as a workaround to the problem.

You will see this in play in Video #2. Watch as the woman quickly removes the sticker when she realizes that she is being filmed.

If she is truly doing nothing wrong, why remove the sticker?

Campaign laws are real, though they are often broken. In New York, for example, it is illegal to wear pro-candidate buttons, stickers, or t-shirts when casting a vote! The law prohibits “electioneering” within 100 feet of entrances to polling places when the polls are open. It includes any political banner, button, poster, or placard.

Poll workers are trained to deal with enforcement of the law, and normally, they do not make a big deal of the issue, they simply ask the offending person to remove the button or sticker.

State and Local laws vary a bit, though campaign workers for a Presidential Candidate know that they should not do these things.

Perhaps that is why the lady above was so quick to remove her Hillary sticker? Do you wonder why she was going on about working at a company in Los Angeles? The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Be ready for more stories of voter and election fraud in 2016. We have never seen an Election Season quite like this one, and Election Day could be wilder than the infamous Bush Vs Gore Election in 2000.


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