GARY JOHNSON: U.S. Intervention in Syria As Bad As Assad Regime’s Mass Killings

If ever there was any question as to how mentally challenged libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is, his comments on Wednesday should leave little doubt.

According to Johnson,  he can see no difference between the Syrian government’s intentional massacre of its own citizens and U.S.-backed forces accidentally bombing noncombatants.

It was during an interview with the New York Times when Johnson set his sights on Hillary Clinton and her time spent at the State Department as an interventionist. Not only did Johnson mention the killings carried out by forces aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but he also noted the civilian deaths caused by American action in the country.

Johnson was given FOUR CHANCES by Times reporter Maggie Haberman to clarify what he meant, but Johnson maintained that there is a parallel between the unintentional results of the United States’ action and Assad’s record of mass killing.

“Well no, of course not — we’re so much better than all that,” Johnson remarked sarcastically. “We’re so much better when in Afghanistan, we bomb the hospital and 60 people are killed in the hospital.”

He told Haberman that Clinton “bears responsibility for what’s happened, shared responsibility for what’s happened in Syria,” adding, “I would not have put us in that situation from the get-go.”

This latest comment follows a series of foreign policy blunders by the Libertarian candidate. Last month, Johnson stunned an MSNBC panel when he seemed unfamiliar with the Syrian city of Aleppo, the epicenter of the refugee crisis.

Johnson had what he referred to as another “Aleppo moment” while appearing on the same network in late September.

It was during a town hall event with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, when Johnson was unable to name a single world leader he admires.

During the interview with the Times, Johnson seemed to be doing all he could to avoid another gaffe. When he was asked if he knew the name of North Korea’s leader, he simply responded, “I do” but when pressed to name the infamous dictator Johnson simply couldn’t.

Source: The Blaze

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