Liberals Are Changing Our Military From Uncle Sam to Uncle Samantha

The fighting sodomites.
The fighting sodomites.
Barack Obama has neutered our military and it has become overrun with sodomites.

If we don’t do something soon, and that would be quite soon, to obliterate the left’s hold on power in our nation, we are finished.  I mean this literally, as the United States of America cannot continue to exist without its military, and through stealth and other means, the left has come very close to destroying this most magnificent entity among us.

Through social engineering, the left, represented full throttle by our current President and the equally repellent Hillary Clinton who hopes to succeed him, has altered the very simple and clear task of our military: to do whatever it takes to protect and defend America and its people.  The American military has become merely a representation of the progressive Utopian ideal of a satisfactorily diverse group, celebrating all 58 genders, acceptance of any and all alternate life styles, tolerance of any and all religion practices except Christianity, and at the same time taken the warrior out of the warrior class.

fighting-69thToday’s American military, run by leftists who intrinsically hate it, functions multi-culturally, which means, of course, that no civilization or society is better than any other, thereby relegating the United States of America, the country young American men and women are supposed to fight and die for, into the nothing special category.  The multi-culturalists would just as soon have American soldiers dying for Ebola victims in Guyana (a nation and culture equal to the US, according to our betters), or for illegal aliens fighting to enter the U.S. against our laws than to fight for American citizens.

Tragically, those who object the most strenuously to what is being done to our military, its brave and frustrated members, are the ones who can do the least about it.  Look at what has been done to the proud, the brave and the strong in the last almost 8 years, and reflect on how much more like this will be done during the next 8 years of another Clinton administration.  All of these speak for themselves, and are just a fraction of what the left has done to our military in the recent past:

  • Arranged that membership in the US military go from 3.5 million to just over 1.2 million today
  • The majority of this aforementioned number of 1.2 million are not fighters
  • Removed policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell”
  • The U.S. military is now the world’s second largest, after China’s People’s Liberation Army
  • The American military no longer has the “preeminent world position”
  • Army levels are now at pre-World War II numbers
  • Navy levels are now at pre-World War I numbers
  • Made our military forces absorb 50% of budget reductions when the Department of Defense represents only 20% of the federal budget
  • Military readiness in general is down 50%
  • Comprehensive study done within the military services on the capabilities of women in the services found that not only were women injured twice as often as men, they were nowhere near able to perform to the required standard, so the current military leaders under the leftist regime lowered the standards and kept the women
  • Ships, aircraft squadrons and infantry units are “often commanded by less than the best” because of political correctness
  • Commander says U.S. military “not prepared for coming cyber war”
  • In recent surveys of members of the U.S. military, more than half its members are either “pessimistic about their future in the military,” or “unhappy in their jobs, have little satisfaction in or commitment to their jobs, and would have chosen another if they had it to do over again”
  • In recent survey of members of the U.S. military, nearly 40% didn’t trust their immediate supervisor or fellow soldiers in their unit
  • In recent survey of members of the U.S. military, less than 40% were in good shape
  • For the first time, this year, a U.S. Armed Forces color guard, carrying the American flag along with the flags of each of the branches of the military, marched alongside the rainbow flag in the Capitol Pride parade, right after Dykes on Bikes
  • U.S. official says Army’s industrial base in “death spiral”
  • An Air Force chaplain was removed from his religious duties “as a bigot” because he “preached that homosexuality was a sin;” numerous other such actions taken against Christian chaplains in other branches of the military for practicing and/or preaching their religion
  • Many new cases of sexual assault in the military are male on male assault
  • ”Unit integrity, cohesiveness and morale have been severely degraded”
  • Conscious effort to “eliminate the warrior mentality” of our military members
  • All branches of the military were forced to establish programs of “unconscious bias training”
  • All branches of the military announced that “diversity and inclusion are national security imperatives” and put such programs into effect in each branch
  • Air Force announced a “new set of 13 inclusion initiatives with the goal of ensuring that the Air Force isn’t as white, male and heterosexual as it is now”
  • In careers (pilots, cyber operations, intelligence operations and space and missile operations) where there isn’t what is deemed enough diversity, AF commanders “will have to come up with plans explaining why Airmen in these positions are mostly white, male heterosexuals and how commanders can work towards changing that representation”
  • When 4 Marines and a Sailor were murdered at their place of duty in Tennessee earlier this year, the US Capitol immediately half-masted its flag, and Donald Trump ordered that all flags on his properties immediately be flown at half mast; the White House did nothing until 5 days later when Obama had to speak to a veterans’ group; Hillary Clinton never mentioned the event
  • Appointment of our first gay military secretary, the Secretary of the Army
  • A 19 year Air Force veteran was relieved of his duties after disagreeing with his openly gay commander over gay marriage and is now facing a formal investigation
  • Repealed ban on transgender soldiers
  • Forced soldiers at Fort Gordon to sit through an ‘anti-white privilege’ program
  • Forced male military cadets to buy and wear red high heels and march in an “In Her Shoes” parade to celebrate military sexual assault awareness month
  • Allowed illegal aliens to join the military under the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program, forcing American soldiers serving at the time to be forced out to make room for the illegals
  • Allowed illegal aliens to join the military under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, again forcing Americans serving at the time to be forced out of their jobs to make room for the illegals
  • Secretary of Defense Carter forced military commanders to accept women in more than 200,000 combat slots
  • Pentagon, under Administration orders, forced senior military commanders to begin prioritizing climate change and to “incorporate climate change impacts into plans and operations”
  • Agreed to sponsorship of military member Chelsea Manning sex change
  • Military training documents informed soldiers that mainstream conservative groups were “extremists” and should be “treated as enemies of the state”
  • Started new program service wide changing all designations from anything with the word “man” in it to  more acceptably politically correct terms.

There are so many more of these examples of what the left is doing to our military that it is beyond farce and well into tragedy.  The people who are doing this to our military do not understand that the point of having a military is to achieve victory in battle so that the United States and its people can continue to survive, even to prosper.

Victory in battle requires a “full out warrior ethos that mandates brutality on a scale the politicians and progressives who are pushing this agenda cannot fathom.”  Our armed forces “must be capable of defeating those who mean us harm, and that requires soldiers, sailors, airman and marines who are trained, equipped and led by people who understand how to fight and kill and defeat enemies.”

That particular priority is not one currently adhered to in our formerly great American military.

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