Trump Attacker and Hillary Supporter Has His Dead Grandmother Voting From His Home Address

Donald Trump was rushed off the stage Saturday night at his rally in Reno, NV when people in the crowd were heard shouting Gun! Gun! The man in question was identified as Hillary supporter Austin Crites.

Based on evidence on Austyn Crites we now know:

** Crites very possibly harassed Trump at a prior rally
** His Facebook page was recently set up
** Crites carried a sign denigrating Trump
** Crites incited violence and emotional abuse
** Crites is mentioned in Wikileaks
** Crites is a Hillary supporter

To make matters worse, Crites was discovered committing voter fraud as well. Austin Crites address has his DEAD GRANDMOTHER VOTING!

Yet you will only hear the media painting Trump supporters as criminals. Who are the real criminals here? This is the most important election of our lives and we cannot allow this mentality to spread.

H/T The Gateway Pundit 



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