[VIDEO] Anonymous and Kim Dotcom: ‘TODAY IS THE DAY’

[VIDEO] Anonymous and Kim Dotcom: 'TODAY IS THE DAY'

Both Anonymous and Kim Dotcom are delivering OMINOUS Election Day messages!

Morning of Election Day is here and hacktivists groups are gearing up with pre-election announcements.

World renowned Kim Dotcom has been tweeting:

“Big day tomorrow. The best is yet to come. Clinton might become the first female US President…. who gets indicted & jailed for her crimes.”

Could Kim Dotcom be referring to the promise from Anonymous, who claim to have video of former President William Jefferson Clinton engaging in heinous acts?

Speaking of Anonymous, late last night, they released the video below. Oddly enough, the video was released, then marked as Private and Unviewable, and just this morning it has been re-released. An ominous message, for sure, but also one that speaks of hope.

Watch for yourself:

A few highlights from this pre-Election message stand out in my mind:

1- Corrupt leaders keep the populace blind using tools of culture, like television and celebrities

2- World leaders enrich themselves by arming enemies that they claim to protect the populace against

3- Free speech is being threatened, with death or imprisonment

4- Some seek to censor the Internet, the last bastion of true Free Speech

5- There is cause for hope, as the people, united, are stronger than the government

Keep in mind, in addition to messages like the ones above, WikiLeaks has more promised announcements on the way to day.

This is shaping up to be a long Election Day.

Stay tuned, maintain hope, VOTE, and know that things are getting better.

Regardless of who wins, WE THE PEOPLE are finding ways to stay informed of the truth, and it is not going to stop.

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