Liberals LABELING Themselves With Safety Pins for Post Election Crybabies

As I sit here on my computer trying to compose myself, this has to be the most ridiculous thing I have seen all day. Liberals around the USA send out a call for solidarity by labeling themselves as a “safe space” for minorities, immigrants and women who feel threatened by Trump. Their point of reference? A safety pin.

Thanks guys, we now know how we can identify the real idiots and who to stay away from. I wonder what will happen when you don’t have a safety pin on? Might catch a beating for being a racist bigot.

Mediaite has the story:

Americans on social media and elsewhere have responded to Donald Trump‘s election by donning safety pins outside their clothing.

The idea stems from a similar protest following the June U.K. vote to leave the European Union, known as Brexit. In the aftermath, Britons began wearing the safety pins in a show of solidarity with any of their Muslim or immigrant countrymen who felt powerless or “unsafe” in the wake of the vote.

Likewise, in the wake of Trump’s elections, many U.S. liberals have adopted the idea for their own to reach out to minorities and women who feel marginalized and indicate that they are “safe” to talk to.

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