Liberal GOOGLE MAPS Gives “Trump Tower” Special Name, Time to Switch to the WAZE App

While Google Maps claim that this happens frequently, I find it hard to believe this was an accident. It wouldn’t be the first time Google Maps has come under fire, the first time they completely wiped Palestine off the map. According to an analysis by online-search marketer found that 50 recent searches for political terms on Google surfaced more liberal-leaning webpages than conservative ones.

Google claims to take these sort of actions seriously but of course, couldn’t be reached for comment. It’s time Americans start talking with their time and money, and ditch these left leaning companies with a clear agenda to influence the masses.

I personally find the WAZE App to be much better for directions anyway.

The Telegraph reports:

Someone renamed Donald Trump’s midtown Manhattan home on Google Maps on Saturday, and the new moniker was not very flattering.

Instead of Trump Tower, the 58-storey skyscraper was rebranded “Dump Tower.”

As users of the mapping service began noticing the new name for the Fifth Avenue building on Saturday, news spread quickly on social media.

Mr Trump, the president-elect, has not yet commented on it. Mr Trump has been using Trump Tower, which has been the focus of protestsafter the Republican won the election earlier this month, as his transition headquarters.

It has also been suggested that the billionaire may buck tradition and eschew the lure of the White House and spend much of his time as president at his $100 million (£80 million) penthouse in New York.

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