Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Has Been Replaced With A YUGE UPGRADE!

Trump's 'Make America Great Again' Hat Has Been Replaced With A YUGE UPGRADE!

‘Make America Great Again’ has been replaced by something even more YUGE!

Around two years ago, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, with the catch phrase, “Make America Great Again,” I truly thought that he was not in the race to win it, and that he would stop his campaign after a short publicity run.

Make America Great Again, or MAGA, gained traction, and pollsters gave Trump a 1% chance of winning the Republican Primaries.

During the Primaries, Trump said that the Democrats had rigged the system against Bernie Sanders, and he was proven correct. Hillary stole the Democrat nomination from Sanders.

Trump also said that the Republican Primary system was rigged against him. It is true that establishment Repblicans, and the liberal media, found a common enemy in Donald Trump, and they tried to ruin him. Some rumors said that an associate of Paul Ryan had released the now forgotten “Trump Tapes” that captured Trump saying lewd things about his relationship with women.

Almost everyone, Hillary Clinton and her campaign included, believed that Trump had no chance in the General Election. Reportedly, Hillary and her team started drinking champagne early in the evening on November 8th. As history played out, Hillary’s celebratory drunkenness morphed into angry drunken rage as it became apparent that Trump would win in a landslide.

It is a new day now. Talks of Faithless Electors and Recounts will not change the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. Donald Trump is the President-Elect.

Apparently, Trump thought the occasion called for the creation of a new hat. It is a move that surprises no one, and truthfully, “the hat fits him.”

Take a look:

Something tells me that 0ur 45th President is just getting started.

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