EXPOSED: Another ‘Trump Tape’ Just Leaked And This Time There Is Proof

EXPOSED: Another 'Trump Tape' Just Leaked And This Time There Is Proof

We thought this kind of thing was behind us…

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for decades, and, until he ran for President, he weathered few scandals. It is interesting to note that he rarely had to address allegations of “groping” or other misconduct until he ran for President. Even more interesting: Most, if not all, of the allegations came in the month of October, just prior to the November Election.

Of course, we found out after the fact that Trump’s accusers were being offered money by the likes of Gloria Allred. Even the anonymous girl who claimed that Trump raped her dropped her lawsuit and was proven to be a fraud.

It should also be noted that Donald Trump was never called a racist until he chose to run for office as a Republican. In keeping with the gameplan, Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her friends in the liberal media did their best to paint Trump as a racist. After he shocked the world and defeated Hillary in the historic Election, the Democrats have continue to try to brand his Administration as being White Supremacist.

Of course, there is no evidence of any of these claims. In fact, Trump pioneered the fight against racism thirty years ago when he built Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach. He defied decades of bigotry and made quite a ruckus locally when he announced that Jews and blacks would be welcome on his property.

The Election is over and not the cameras have caught a new version of a Trump Tape. Take a look below:

Yes, there it is on film. Donald Trump tapes his tie together.

The Daily Caller reports:

Trump, whose net worth is estimated at a high of $3.7 billion by Forbes, wears Brioni suits that start at a minimum of $6,000. His penthouse on Fifth Avenue has features like a diamond-covered door and marble everywhere.

Oh, and don’t forget his $100 million Boeing 757.

Tie clips sell for as low as $6, but why use one when tape is a budget-friendly $2.00?

Hillary and the Democrats should try to make a scandal out of this one. At least they have at least one photo to use as proof!


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