Obama Disappoints Donna Brazile: Democrats’ Emails Were ‘Weaponized’

Interim DNC chair Donna Brazile spoke out on ABC’s This Week today about the leaked Democratic emails and Russian interference in the election, something she actually pushed back against President Obama on.

The president said at his press conference Friday that there was no “further tampering of the election process” after he personally confronted Vladimir Putin about it. Brazile claimed to Martha Raddatz this morning that this was not the case––that hackers went after them every day.

Raddatz repeatedly asked her if she was “disappointed” in Obama’s response. Brazile did not speak to the president specifically, but did express frustrations with how the DNC was “fighting a foreign adversary” that they were no match for.

She briefly dismissed the controversy about emails showing her sending a town hall question to the Clinton campaign––saying it was all just “allegations from stolen hacked emails” (allegations that led to CNN formally severing ties with her)––and said the emails were “weaponized to sow misinformation and to sow discord between the Clinton and Sanders camps.”

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