Democrats Walk Out of Classified Russia Briefing PISSED at Comey

Whatever was recounted in a Friday classified briefing on Russian interference in the election must have been something else, because House Democrats walked out of the meeting with FBI Director James Comey absolutely furious.

Many of the critics had previously withheld criticism of Comey’s conduct during and after the 2016 election, but no longer. “I was nonjudgmental until the last 15 minutes. I no longer have that confidence in him,” Minnesota’s Tim Walz told The Hill. “Some of the things that were revealed in this classified briefing — my confidence has been shook.”

“I’m extremely concerned — extremely,” Maryland’s Elijah Cummingsadded.

“I’ll just — I’m very angry.” California’s Mark Takano agreed.

Friday’s briefing, featuring Comey and the heads of the other top intelligence agencies, was classified, restricting the freedom of lawmakers to reveal details.

The Justice Department’s inspector general on Thursday announced a new investigation into the agency’s actions leading up to the election, a probe that will focus on Comey’s public statements as well as FBI leaks and other relevant correspondences.

Republicans have largely defended Comey, and many left Friday’s briefing with their minds unchanged.

But at least some Republicans came out of the briefing defending Comey.

“The FBI director is a good man who was placed in a very difficult position,” said Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent.


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