Even Dogs Obey Donald Trump! Viral Video Made It Onto The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Even Dogs Obey Donald Trump! Viral Video Made It Onto The Jimmy Kimmel Show

This is the funniest thing I have seen all day!

In hindsight, do you feel a little silly if you ever doubted Donald Trump?

It is true, the systems was rigged. The Republican Primaries are not set up for an outsider to do well. Trump was given a 1% chance of winning, and he did. The General Election was a rigged joke, as well. WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and others, exposed Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation for decades of corruption, yet the mainstream media rarely reported any of it. Talk about fake news…

Trump outran the angle, both in the Primaries and in the General Election. As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, even canines obey Trump’s commands. It appears that dogs are smarter than liberals?

Take a look:


Sometimes, videos capture our attention and remain our focus for a while. Have you seen the footage of the naked woman who somehow was able to steal a policeman’s truck? This poor cop responded to a call at a gas station and ended up watching a naked female drive his truck away! I’ll bet this poor guy was embarrassed. Take a look:

Police Release The Hottest Dashcam Video In The History Of Law Enforcement

Celebrities are often on our minds, as well. Tomi Lahren’s career has taken off. She has become a conservative icon. She is young but has clearly changed quite a bit since college. In fact, some of Tomi’s changes are flat-out astonishing! Some have called them “hypocritical.”

We all have changed since college. Take a look and decide for yourself if Tomi Lahren is a hypocrite:

Twitter User REVEALS Old Footage Of Conservative Tomi Lahren, EXPOSES Drastic Changes

What did we do with our time before the Age of the Internet?


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