BLM Post Trump Resistance Manual..Try To Keep Your Crayons Within the Lines

The Resistance Manual will look familiar to you. When you head to, you’ll hit a landing page that looks like Wikipedia or a Wiki fanpage. Like those predecessors, the Resistance Manual is an open-source platform, but unlike those, it focuses on the compilation of material that will help conscientious citizens to resist “the impact of a Trump presidency and to continue to make progress in our communities.”

It was officially announced by activist DeRay McKesson today on Twitter:

Also involved are activists Brittany Packnett and Samuel Sinyangwe.

“The project is intended to be a collective resource for communities across the country to connect to the information and resources they need to resist the Trump/GOP agenda,” Sinyangewe told us. “And, over time, the hope is more and more people will contribute content to the site and the information will become more detailed and location-specific to every community in America.”

The list of available resource links currently includes Crisis Resources, Tools of Resistance, People and Organizations, and Upcoming Events/Opportunities. The Trump/GOP agenda that users are able to research is divided into categories like Immigration, Voting Rights, and Women’s Rights/Reproductive Justice, among many others.

Clicking on one of those categories brings a user to a page that outlines each issue, gives the latest policy updates related to it, makes Trump’s position on it clear, and lists ways that citizens can resist.

Resistance efforts have been in motion in other ways, of course. This Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protesters are expected to descend on Washington, D.C. to march in a demonstration against Trump’s anti-women remarks and planned policies. The Resistance Manual will undoubtedly make similar demonstrations easier to coordinate.


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