IMF Projects Exploding U.S. Economy Under Trump

We’re getting good predictions for the economy based on the ideas of the new President-Elect Donald Trump.

For eight years it seemed as if Barack Obama and his administration did everything they could to thwart success for our economy.  From spending more than all past presidents combined to the signing of Dodd-Frank, which is mostly responsible for the slowest recovery in modern-day history, to the disastrous job-killing Obamacare, the numbers are and have been depressing.

But things are looking up.  Multiple corporations are rethinking leaving the country, many are saying they’re now going to expand thanks to the things Trump has been saying he wants to do, like cut taxes across the board and get rid of costly regulations.  It seems that Donald Trump understands a very basic model for good government that Ronald Reagan also understood: when you get the government off the people’s backs ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

[As reported by: The Gateway Pundit]

It’s no secret that the United States economy has performed average at best under Barack Obama. Supporters of the President point to indicators like unemployment rates to defend the President while completely ignoring the fact that there are 95,000,000 Americans not in the workforce.

With runaway national debt approaching $20,000,000,000,000 and more Americans on food-stamps than under any other President in American history, it’s hard to say that the economy has been even average at best.

In the two-months Donald Trump has spent as the President-Elect he has already scored numerous wins for the American economy from companies like Ford, Alibaba, IBM, GM (announcement to be made this week), Chrysler-Fiat, Amazon, and Carrier just to name a few.

Now the International Monetary Fund has released a report that shows that the U.S. economy is expected to boom over the next two years under President Trump.

The IMF says that after a lackluster 2016 which had a lousy 1.6 percent economic growth rate, that 2017 is projected to have a 2.3 percent growth rate followed up by a 2.5 percent growth rate in 2018.

From The IMF:

After a lackluster out-turn in 2016, economic activity is projected to pick up pace in 2017 and 2018…

…This forecast is based on the assumption of a changing policy mix under a new administration in the United States and its global spillovers…

…The projection for the United States is the one with the highest likelihood among a wide range of possible scenarios. It assumes a fiscal stimulus that leads growth to rise to 2.3 percent in 2017 and 2.5 percent in 2018,

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