Pest Controller Destroys Wasp’s Nest With His Bare Hands And People Are Freaking Out [VIDEO]

A man has become an internet sensation after he was filmed destroying a wasps’ nest using only his bare hands.

The toe-curling footage shows the man climbing a ladder to tackle the nest under the overhang of the roof on a house in Lutz, Florida.

He first plucks a wasp out of the air near the nest and effortlessly crushes it between his fingers and thumb before turning his attention to the bigger problem.

The man waits a few seconds for the right moment, and then pounces, grabbing the nest between his hands.

The plucky pest controller then smacks his palms together – destroying both the nest and the wasps inside.

He then separates his hands and squeezes them into fists – just to make sure that no wasps survive his steel-like clutches.

The stocky man, who appears to be in his late 40s, then holds out his palms to show the crushed bodies of the insects – and the remains of what was once their nest.

The brave man has earned admiration online after the video racked up more than 90,000 views worldwide in less than 24 hours.

Robert Mays said: ‘I have never seen anything like that before! If that was me, I’d have a spray can in each hand, spraying that nest like it was on fire or something!’

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