Biker for Trump Breaks Through Wall of Inauguration Protesters[Video]

A new video has surfaced showing one of the “Bikers for Trump” busting through a human blockade. DisruptJ20 protesters positioned themselves near entrances to President Donald Trump’s inauguration forming a human chain. It appears the protesters were trying to not only prevent the biker’s wife from attending the inauguration, they were trying to block everyone they could from attending.

In the video you can also another man get upset over the ground blocking his wife. After that, the police swarmed in instantly but unfortunately it doesn’t look like that made much of a difference.

One of the protesters told the biker he was being recorded to which her responded, “I don’t give a fuck!”

Poor snowflakes still haven’t gotten their way, so ruin it for everyone else. LIBERAL LOGIC at its finest.

Take a look.


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