Krauthammer Says Foreign Capitals Quaking In Their Boots over Trump Inaugural Speech

Charles Krauthammer, like the rest of the mainstream media, got it wrong when he said in Trump’s speech when he mentioned that it will now be America first was a proverbial shot across the bow to the rest of the world.  What nonsense.

Nominee Trump said many times at many rallies that his policy will be America first, but we will always stand by our allies, we will help them as much as we always have, but our focus will be America first, then allies, then everyone else.

(As reported by: Mediaite)

Charles Krauthammer reacted to President Trump‘s inaugural address by saying “they’re quaking in their boots in foreign capitals” right now.


He said that Trump’s “aggressive” and “hyper-nationalist” talk definitely got the attention of America’s allies, considering how Trump once again today pushed his populist America First message.

Krauthammer noted that phrase in particular will be resonant, as it sends the message, “We constructed a world where we carried a lot of you… that game is over, you’re on your own. That is an amazing message for an inaugural address.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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