Trump Praises Kellyanne Conway Giving Due Credit At ‘Celebration Of Victory’ [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway is the first female presidential campaign manager to win. The mainstream news media’s reaction? Meh

Had Kellyanne been working for a Democrat the mainstream news media would have regaled the world with her story displaying in painstaking detail every hard choice decision she made during the campaign, touting her as a role model for girls and young women everywhere, but since she ran the Republican campaign, she got practically bupkis coverage for being the first female campaign manager to win the presidency. This is yet more proof that the mainstream news media lives by a double standard, and if they didn’t have that they’d have no standards at all.

Donald Trump is a man who values hard work and loyalty, and today he gave his campaign manager the full credit she deserves.

Way to go, Kellyanne Conway!

(As reported by: The Daily Caller)

Speaking to supporters at Union Station in Washington, DC Thursday evening, Donald Trump praised Kellyanne Conway for the role she played in his 2016 election victory.

After spotting his top surrogate in the crowd, Trump pulled Conway on stage as the crowd cheered.


“She has been so great,” he told the crowd. “There is no den she will not go into.”

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