See the BEST protest signs from women’s marches across the country

I love the feminist movement, especially when I’m walking behind it. All joking aside, can someone tell me what rights men have that women do not have in the year 2017? Other than being able to pee standing up without getting it all over your damn self I can’t think of anything where men have an advantage over women under the law. I’m talking about rights, which come from God, not the government. Rights are something that are inalienable, they are self-evident, which means I shouldn’t even be trying to explain this to you. American feminists are marching across the country today complaining as if they are living in the 16th century. They are angry, and they are ready to fight.

Even so, we can find some humor anywhere if we look hard enough.

(H/T: Mashable)

Hundreds of thousands of protestors showed up Saturday to demonstrate at Women’s Marches across the country.

And, naturally, they brought their best sign game with them.

As crowds pack cities around the world, here are just some of the poignant, artful, witty messages protestors want to get across.

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