Authorities Identify Strange Clumps That Showed Up All Over Town Overnight [VIDEO]

You know the end of the world is near when you start seeing the signs of the apocalypse everywhere you look. Swarms of insects, rumors of wars, the Chicago Cubs winning the world series, all have their basis in biblical prophecy, but raining meat?

Well, we just found out about a town that woke up from an overnight rainstorm to one of the most disturbing sites you could imagine. Heck, we could not have imagined this. You are going to freak out when you find out what really happened.

Worm balls. Just saying it, or reading it for that matter, sends a chill up the spine and a queasy knot in the back of the throat.

But for residents of Denison, Texas, that is not just an unfortunate combination of words, it’s what they woke up to recently after severe rain storms pounded their town overnight.

When folks started out of their homes the next morning, they saw clumps of what appeared to be raw meat. Literally everywhere.

Literally, ew!

Upon closer inspection, the denizens of Denison discovered that the clumps were writhing about on the ground. Since no mere clump of meat would behave so bizarrely, people took an even closer look and saw that the clumps were actually balls of worms.

Since it seems unthinkable to imagine that the rain storm from the night before was actually a worm storm, various theories have started to crop up concerning the ghastly incident.

 Some have suggested that the rains so severely saturated the ground, the worms were driven up from the soil in search of drier climes. This theory has been given some credence by professional earthworm farmers who say this is not unusual.

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