Donald Trump’s Two Supreme Court Finalists Have Arrived In Washington

Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman — the two judges who are reportedly finalists for President Trump’s Supreme Court pick — arrived in Washington Tuesday.

The move comes as there were increasing indications that Gorsuch will be Trump’s choice, sources briefed on the White House deliberations tell CNN.
One source said that Gorsuch was told it was likely him.
(Photo: Getty Images, Ron Sachs / Pool via CNP)
Those close to the process warn that until it is announced, Trump could change his mind.
Gorsuch is in Washington, according to one source close to the process. Hardiman was seen by a CNN producer leaving his Pittsburgh neighborhood Tuesday morning and driving east towards Washington.
Another one of the sources, familiar with the White House plans, said the administration is taking extraordinary measures to build suspense and keep the final selection under wraps for as close to the 8 p.m. EST announcement as possible.

Source: CNN

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