Kellyanne Conway Slams Obama In Interview For “Commenting On Trump’s Travel Ban” [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Monday that former President Obama is playing “a dangerous game” by commenting on President Donald Trump’s policy decisions only 10 days after leaving office.

“He’s welcome to say what he wants,” Trump’s senior counselor stated. “It’s a free country, including for ex-presidents, but let’s back it up for a second.”

“President Trump agrees with what you said there, the first part, which is we don’t think anybody should be discriminated against based on their religion.”

“That’s not what this is,” she continued. “It is temporary. It is 90 days, and it is very narrowly restricted to seven countries that none other than President Obama’s administration identified as high risk for harboring training and exporting terrorists.”

“Is it hypocritical to criticize him over this?” MacCallum then asked.

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