BREAKING: Seattle Judge Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban

A federal judge in Seattle agreed on Friday to issue a nationwide restraining order halting par of President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The order will remain in place until U.S. District Court Senior Judge James L. Robart considers as lawsuit challenging key provisions of the president’s order as illegal and unconstitutional. If the lawsuit prevails, President Trump’s executive order would be permanently invalidated nationwide.

Robart was nominated to the court by President George W. Bush in 2003.

Robart ruled against government lawyers’ claims that the states of Washington and Minnesota did not have the standing to challenge Trump’s order and said they showed their case was likely to succeed.

“The state has met its burden in demonstrating immediate and irreparable injury,” Robart said. “The Constitution prevailed today,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. “No one is above the law — not even the president.”

He later told a news conference: It’s not the loudest voice that prevails in the courtroom. It’s the Constitution.”

He said the ruling means Trump’s executive order cannot be carried out and that people in the seven affected countries can now come to the United States. “This decision shuts down the executive order immediately.”

Ferguson and officials from Minnesota sought the order.

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