Man Cracks Open Massive Egg From His Farm, Immediately Spots A Special Surprise [VIDEO]

Nature is not afraid to give us something we just aren’t expecting. Whether it is a set of triplets when we were expecting twins, or something even stranger. In the case of Gary Ashmore, his big surprise came when he went out and picked up his hens’ eggs for the day. Underneath one of them was an extraordinarily giant one. And the hen Gertrude didn’t seem to be bothered by it one bit.

Gary picked up the giant egg. He was a bit terrified by it at first. But then he remembered the other times Gertrude produced other giant eggs. All in all, she has made these giant ones five times!

But Gary wasn’t about to let this opportunity go to waste. He decided to crack it open on camera with his wife by his side. Although he had told family and friends about the giant eggs being laid on his farm, people didn’t really believe him. But this time he made sure to get video evidence. And we are sharing it with you below!

After grabbing the egg from under Gertrude, Gary carefully transported it to the kitchen. There he laid out a bowl and with his wife holding their smartphone camera, he began to crack it open.

The egg, which is fits like a baseball in Gary’s palm is huge. He gently taps it against the edge of the bowl – he doesn’t want to whack it so hard and destroy the magic that is probably waiting for them inside.

When the shell gets punctured, Gary starts peeling away at the outer parts. Within seconds, he reveals something strange.

Inside this large egg is a big red blob. It’s hidden beneath the ordinary yolk. What would it be?

“I see another surprise,” Gary says with excitement. He clearly loves opening these large eggs.

As he continues to peel away at the shell, he pours the egg whites and yolk out. Then he upturns the egg and out falls the red object. It is another egg!

The giant egg had another egg inside it!

People are mesmerized. Others have seen it before. Both types shared comments on

“We call them double yolks on the chicken farm. Their main purpose is to distract predators from the eggs that do hatch. These eggs will usually not hatch into chicks, though there are some stories of chicks hatching from them but it’s usually where only 1 survives. I’ve had one egg that had 4 yolks in it. The egg was as big as my hand and there was blood all over it.”

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