8 Month Old Boy In Critical Condition – Man Arrested In Connection

An 8 month old little boy was left in the care of his mother’s boyfriend while she went to work. When she returned, she noticed her baby boy was limp and unresponsive. The boyfriend claimed he was holding the little boy and tripped and fell and the baby hit his head. Upon being rushed to a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital, the doctors there said that the trauma to the little boy’s head is consistent with abuse. The boyfriend has since been arrested. The little boy has little chance for survival and is not expected to make it…

This is another sad story for today. This little boy is so small and innocent and certainly didn’t deserve to be treated this way. This just further reinforces the fact that you never truly know someone, and their true colors will shine at some point. This man deserves to rot in jail for his actions. I pray for a speedy recovery for the little boy involved and a healthy life.


8-month-old struggling to survive from severe head injuries; Oklahoma man arrested for abuse

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities say an 8-month-old boy has little chance of survival after being rushed to the hospital with severe head trauma.

Police tell KJRH that the victim’s mother left the baby alone with her boyfriend, Ganey Fairley, while she went to work.

When she returned home, investigators say Fairley was holding the baby. However, the little boy was reportedly limp and unresponsive.

The child was rushed to a nearby hospital and admitted in very critical condition.

Fairley told the victim’s mother that he was holding the child when he tripped, and the victim’s head hit the floor.

However, physicians told officers that the child’s injuries were consistent with abuse.

Fairley was arrested on complaints of child abuse and child neglect.

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