AMAZING: New Smart Condom Tracks The Calories You Lose While Having Sex

Many studies have shown that having sex can help people lose weight. However, have you ever wondered how many calories you actually lost during sex?

Track Sex

A company in the United Kingdom, has created the i.Con Smart Condom, which will collect data while the wearer is having sex.

“Have you ever wondered how many calories you’re burning during intercourse? How many thrusts? Speed of your thrusts? The duration of your sessions? Frequency? How many different positions you use in the period of a week, month or year? Ever wondered how you stack up to other people from around the world?

“Welcome to the future of wearable technology in the bedroom. Welcome to i.Con,” the company wrote on their website.

The device is not an actual condom, but more like a bracelet for the private parts, and it will collect data that you will be able to share with friends or with the world.

“The device uses a Nano-chip and sensors, which will measure different variables during your sessions. Once your session is completed, you will be able to use the i.Con app to download the data using Bluetooth technology,” the company said.

The i.Con is priced at £59.99 (about $74 ).

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