NYC Murderer Has Shocking Confession On Why He Came To Kill

James Jackson made over a 200 mile trip from Baltimore to New York City, all because of his hatred. He killed an innocent bystander, all because of hatred. He took away somebody’s father, brother, lover and provider all because of his blind hate for black people. These are the types of incidents that give an entire group of people a bad name.

James Jackson, 28, is a white supremacist. He admitted to having a deep hatred for black men, speficially black men who date white women. He feels that the two races should be separate, not together. So he made the 200 mile journey from Baltimore to New York just so he could prove a point in the media capital of the world, in his own words.

Jackson arrived at his Times Square hotel Friday, and immediately went looking for a victim to kill. He scoured the streets for the perfect match to what he was looking for, and the perfect situation for him to kill. He found an innocent 66 year old African American man, Timothy Caughman, and stabbed him with a sword he had recently purchased online. Caughman staggered to a nearby precinct, where he was then driven to a hospital and later died. The incident happened Monday night, and Caughman died early Tuesday morning.

Jackson saw his face on the local news from a surveillance video and decided he was going to turn himself in. He’s since been charged with first degree murder and the police department is working on a case to add a hate crime charge as well. Jackson was a former Intelligence Analyst for the Army for over three years and was deployed to Afghanistan for less than a year.

People like Jackson are a danger to society. In such hard times in our country racially, people like Jackson do nothing to help ease the tension. Instead of spending his time and money on resources that are so hatefully driven, he could have done some good. Racism isn’t attached to any one man or woman, but a larger group of people. But if we try on an individual level to end racism, that’s where change can really start to be made.

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Man Arrested For NYC Murder Told Cops He Came To Town To Kill Black People

NEW YORK, NY — The man who confessed to the fatal Monday night stabbing of a 66-year-old man in Midtown Manhattan is a white supremacist who told cops he came here from Baltimore for the express purpose of murdering Black people, police say.

According to the Daily News, James Jackson, 28, told cops he was motivated by rage against Black men who get sexually involved with white women. He made the 200-mile journey on a bus from Baltimore, he said, because New York is the “media capital of the world.” Assistant Chief William Aubry said that Jackson “wanted to make a statement.”

Police say Jackson checked into his hotel near Times Square on Friday and then went out looking for a victim. He picked 66-year-old Timothy Caughman at random in Midtown, and stabbed him in the chest and back with a sword he had purchased online.

Caughman stumbled two blocks to the Midtown South Precinct on W. 35th Street and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, but he was pronounced dead in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

The day after the attack, Jackson went to the main New York Public Library to read the coverage of what he’d done. After seeing the video of himself that had been made public, he surrendered. Jackson reportedly walked in to the Times Square police substation, approached officers, and told them to arrest him. He confessed that he had a knife in his coat and gave police the location of a nearby garbage can where he had ditched his sword, sources said. He also reportedly confessed to having harbored a hatred of Black men for years.

According to the Daily News, a U.S. Armed Forces spokeswoman confirmed that Jackson is a decorated Army veteran who served just over three years in the Army as a military intelligence analyst and was deployed to Afghanistan for under a year.

He has been charged with murder, but Chief Aubry added they’re looking to also classify it as a hate crime.

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