Man Humiliated And Killed Over His Sexuality

By now, we all know how ruthless and hateful ISIS is. The horror stories just seem to keep piling up, all in relation to Islam and ISIS, more specifically.

The story detailed below follows the death by stone throwing, initiated by ISIS over the man being gay.

My question for everyone reading is this: Do we really want people who brought up knowing only hate to be allowed into our country? At what point do we say enough is enough? Many people have fought so hard for equal rights for all people, most recently the LGBTQ community. Yet many of the same people who fought that hard battle, Democrats, are also pushing hard for these people to be allowed into our country. The simple fact is this: ISIS and Islam in general are taught and bred to hate gay people and many other groups of people we find in our American culture. So, why would we be so open to letting so many of them in?

Sometimes I don’t think people can see the bigger picture here. Gay right’s is a great thing. I believe everyone should be able to marry and love who they want to in our free nation. However, Muslims don’t feel that way. Muslims are largely taught to kill and humiliate gay people regularly.

H/T Daily Mail

Thrown to his death then pelted with rocks by barbaric mob… all because he was gay: Terrifying final moments of young man sentenced to death by ISIS because of his sexuality

ISIS have thrown a young man to his death from a rooftop and pelted him with rocks after discovering he was gay.

The barbaric mob released pictures of the public execution in Mosul which was carried out in the name of Allah and Islam through Sharia Law.

A crowd of people had gathered to watch the youth take his final breath and throw stones at him, all because of his sexuality.

The man lies in the street having been thrown from the rooftop and locals launch rocks at him

Locals prepare for the man to be thrown from the building and a row of stones is ready for them

Islamic State thugs blindfold the young man before launching him from the rooftop to the street

A man reads from a piece of paper into a radio as a the youth is thrown to his death by terrorists

The victim was blindfolded and hurled off the roof, according to Iraqi News, before he was stoned to death in the street.

Twisted ISIS militants had even lined the streets with rocks ready for locals to pelt the man with them when he hit the ground as seen in a graphic set of pictures.

It appears to be a common practice among the sick terror group and just four months ago, thugs hurled a prisoner from a rooftop before a baying mob of fanatics pelted his corpse with rocks – again for the ‘crime’ of being gay.

The victim was dragged to the top of a building in Maslamah City in war-torn Aleppo, Syria, having been accused of ‘homosexual relations’ in December.

He was then launched face first from the edge of the roof and plunged to his death inches away from a crowd of onlookers.

Although in a different country, the two executions were almost carbon copies of each other, with the victim blindfolded before being thrown to his death.

The same sort of punishment was handed to another man in May last year in Syria and in 2015 the UN estimated 30 men had been thrown to their deaths by ISIS for being gay.

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