Top Doctor Claims Type – 2 Diabetes Is Not A Real Illness

SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 06: A man walks along the Embarcadero April 6, 2005 in San Francisco. According to a study released Tuesday, almost 53 percent of Californians over 25 are overweight, and more than 17 percent are obese, or extremely overweight and are costing nearly $21.7 billion a year in medical bills, injuries and lost productivity. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Sir Muir Gray is a top medical mind from Great Brittan. He’s got some interesting insights on what exactly Type-2 diabetes is, and he has a new name he’d like to propose for the disease as well.

It’s widely known that Type-1 diabetes isn’t curable, and is predetermined at birth. It’s got nothing to do with the environment around you or what you eat. It has everything to do with genetics. However, type-2 diabetes has everything to do with your environment as well as what you eat and how often you exercise. Because of this, Sir Muir Gray is proposing changing the name of type-2 diabetes to walking deficiency syndrome.

Type-2 diabetes is said to cost billions of dollars to treat worldwide. Although the effects are virtually the same for both type 1 and 2 diabetes patients, the reasons we got there are totally different. For this reason, I can see why some doctors may want to change the name to more accurately fit what type-2 diabetes is.

Eating habits, types of jobs and the lack of exercise all contribute prominently to type-2 diabetes. A healthier diet can go a long way, as well as more exercise. Jobs that require people to sit t a desk all day, or sit in a car or truck most of the day also don’t help because it’s less opportunity to walk.

H/T Daily Mail

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