Controversial Black Rights Campaigner Unexpectedly Dies

Broadcaster Darcus Howe. . REXMAILPIX.

One famous black rights activist and campaigner unexpectedly died in his sleep. Darcus Howe, 74, was found dead unexpectedly on Saturday morning in his home. He is said to have felt no pain and died in his sleep peacefully.

Howe is a well known in the black rights movement and dedicated his life to making sure his people got everything they deserved in life. The father-of-six was originally from Trinidad, where he was born on February 26 1943 in the days of the British Empire.

he was the son of a vicar and schoolteacher, and made his way to the UK in 1961 to study Law in England.

He joined the British Black Panthers, established in solidarity with the more well-known American organization.

Howe came to public attention in 1970 as a member of the Mangrove Nine, who marched on Notting Hill police station to protest against a raid on the local Mangrove restaurant. The group successfully challenged racism in the police force during a trial in the early 1970s.

Howe, who lived in Brixton for more than 30 years, edited the magazine Race Today and was once chairman of the Notting Hill Carnival. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009, but was able to beat it.

Rest in peace to a great mind, an even greater man and a beautiful soul. Rest in peace Darcus Howe.

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