Pelosi Is At It Again Making Ridiculous Fact less Claims

Well, it looks like Nancy Pelosi is at it again. This woman literally just opposes anything Trump or GOP related, no matter how good their ideas may or may not be. In her latest falsified hatefully driven rant, Pelosi argues that the GOP and Trump have similar views, and both oppose the LGBT community, women and the environment. So, let’s dig into these latest lies very quickly.

As many Democrats like to ignore, the federal government is NOT supposed to have their hands all over the American people. We are a nation of 50 separate states joined together for one common goal, but governed differently in each state. The federal government is only supposed to step in in times of crisis, or when the state can no longer make the right decisions for its citizens. The Democrats, however, want the federal government to have their hands all over every aspect of the lives of the American people.

Why is the above statement relevant? Because when it comes to LGBT rights, that’s an issue for the individual states to decide what they view is best for their state. You elect officials for a reason, and if you live in a state that strongly opposes gay marriage and you’re gay, then you should probably either accept it until it changes or move. Is that necessarily fair? Not always. But its people’s rights to decide if they’re alright with certain things, and this falls under that umbrella. We need to work on opening people’s eyes to not judge and discriminate based on sexual preference before we start shoving regulations and rules down their throats.

Since being in office Trump has done nothing but speak highly of women and push bills that look to advance women and their opportunities here in the United States. You can do a simple Google search and find the many conversations he’s had since in office where he details just how highly he thinks of women and their potential in the workplace, as well as see some of the executive orders he’s passed with those same women in mind. Sure, Trump admittedly had some nasty things to say in his past about women, there’s no getting around that. But since he’s been in office, he’s shown nothing but respect and admiration towards women in the workplace and their future here in America.

As far as environmental issues goes, I’ll keep this simple: show me the proof. That’s all the GOP and Trump are asking for is proof. The fact is that the planet we live on has natural cycles that take the entire planet through times of climate change. It’s been proven that Earth is in the process of another change that we have absolutely nothing to do with. Does the waste humans emit to the OZ layer help? Probably not. With that being said, I’m still looking for proof that we’ve affected the earth THAT badly. The other thing to consider is the recent report that Obama and his team asked mainly left scientists to describe climate change, and over 50% of those same scientists come out and said they drastically exaggerated their numbers to make it look worse than it is. That’s all Trump, the GOP and many Americans like myself are asking: Show me the proof.

Article source: Breitbart News

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