Police Are Tackling Crime With Public Addresses Loaded Into Drones


While science brings so much innovation of high technologies worldwide over time, we could not deny the fact that crime rate is also subtly increasing in some areas of the world. But, now thanks to the fast development of the drones. Law enforcement is now adapting to the fast changes in the society when it comes to ensuring everyone’s safety and security, and they are now using a new scheme that will allow them to talk directly to criminals over a public address system – from the sky using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or what is commonly known as drone.

Article image-drone
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone

The ‘Spy-in-the-sky’ cameras allow officers to identify and address drug addicts and people boozing in public spaces.  Many americans first became aware of the Police Department’s use of unmanned vehicles last July.

According to the article published in Daily Herald, the deployment of the drones by law enforcement and municipalities had begun more than a decade ago when it was just an emerging technology with extremely limited use. According to a study released April 6 by Bard College’s Center for the Study of the Drone, more public agencies acquired drones in 2016 compared to the previous years combined, with at least 167 departments fielding the flying robots last year.

In the law enforcement scenarios, most of the drones are being flown for traffic management or crime-scene photography, and are also used for search and rescue, hazardous material spills, mass evacuations, and aerial viewing of fires or tracking fire personnel in dangerous settings, according to the study.

Joaquin Lavin, the Mayor shows how the drone works
Joaquin Lavin, the Mayor shows how the drone works

In the pilot scheme unveiled by the Mayor of Santiago in Chile, it shows that drone can also be used to talk directly to criminals over a public address system – right from the sky. During a simulation, the camera operator identifies someone misbehaving, and Mayor Joaquin Lavin who is seen speaking into the system with his voice echoing in the background tells them through the park’s PA system to move on or face the consequences.

According to the guidelines for unmanned drone use issued in 2015, the International Association of Chiefs of Police strictly bans “weapons of any kind” to be carried over the drones. DJI spokesman Adam Lisberg said that they have no plans to design drones with weapons.

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