Mom Speaks Out Over Her Terrifying Sex Assault Experience



The next thing I remember is waking up in a strange house with no memory of how she got there. Waking up in only knickers to next to a man she did not know,” Wright wrote on social media about her horrific experience.

Remembering unacceptable bad moments is what makes it too hard to talk about personal experience, especially being a victim of a horrific sexual assault. But a mother named Chelsey Wright from Sunderland, who was reportedly had been sexually attacked by six men, has boldly come forward to speak out over a terrifying nightmare she went through to further light the issues with sexual assault, following the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service to release the alleged six men without facing any legal charges.

Chelsey Wright covered in lumps and burns following Sunderland attack ( Source: PoliceHour )
Chelsey Wright covered in lumps and burns following Sunderland attack ( Source: PoliceHour )

According to the 26-year-old woman, she has reported the incident to the police, which happened at a house in Peel Street, Sunderland claiming that she had been attacked overnight between Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4 by the 6 immigrant men from Syria and Iraq.

Wright said six men kidnapped, gang raped, and beaten her in the early hours of 4th September 2016. As being very family-focused, she said that going out drinking is a very rare occasion for her. On September 3rd, she decided to go out with her mum and friend to drink. At the bar she had one vodka drink and half a pint of cider. Wright said they moved to another club where she ordered another drink after that they moved to a fourth pub were Chelsey does not remember ordering a drink or dancing around. She became separated from her mum and friend after having just four drinks.

As she woke up, she said, “My head was pinned against the door the door was locked and at this point, she screamed and kept screaming for help. She was locked in a room with a strange man.” Apparently the men threatened her, saying “You’re not getting out.”

Chelsey said she could not remember how she got out from the house alive. According to her, she managed to run as fast as she could as men were chasing her until she was able to reach her uncle’s home. She said he took her home and bumped into her mum who had been searching the streets all night for her. She then returned home to her fiancée and their three children where she laid unconscious for several hours.

After waking up, she insisted on being taken to the hospital where they performed a rape kit on her. Following a full body medical check internal and the throat, rectum and vagina, bruises, cuts and burns measured and noted, fluid and DNA was collected. It was very clear to them what had happened that night. Police officers raided the bedsit the same day and they arrested 6 immigrant men from Syria and Iraq.

While she was waiting for her toxicology tests to come back officers had interviewed arrested and bailed these six men and placed them in a safe house within Sunderland.

After 8-10 weeks waiting the test results came back, the close examination showed that DNA and sperm were found from a number of men.

However, Chelsey was shocked when the news regarding the release of the six men who attacked her without facing charges was brought to her attention. A CPS Spokesperson said: “On 24 March, the CPS received a file of evidence in relation to the attack. “After careful consideration we have decided that no further action should be taken against the individual suspect for whom we were asked to make a charging decision by police.

“In this case, there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction, in accordance with the evidential test set out in the Code for Crown Prosecutors.”


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