The ‘Good Cemeterian’ A Remarkable Story Of Man Who Cleans And Honors Veteran’s Grave Stones [WATCH]

Photo of Andrew Lumish cleaning tombstones


A man spends his scarce free time cleaning veteran’s tombstones in order to honor for the contributions they have made for the country.

Adrew Lumish, 46 years-old, from Tampa, Florida, an owner of an upholstery business, has made it his life’s mission to restore forgotten and decaying gravestones of military veterans in order to honor the contributions they have made to country.


Instead of spending is one day off resting, he finds himself busy as The Good Cemetarian, cleaning the headstone, tombstones, and grave markers of fallen soldiers.

In cemeteries across the US, you can see decaying headstones and some are unrecognizable. “They were filled with moss. They were very dirty,” Andrew said. And what troubles him that many belongs to army veterans. “They were forgotten. I couldn’t properly thank them. I couldn’t properly understand who they were or what they were about.”

Lumish told CBS News, “If [people] can’t read it at all, they can’t celebrate it, they can’t honor that person, they can’t appreciate that person.””


“Whereas if you properly restore the monuments, you can begin an entire conversation, and potentially — in a figurative sense — bring that person back to life,” he added.

After completely cleaning a gravestone, he shares a before and after photos of the tombstone on his Twitter and Facebook Page both entitled The Good Cemeterian.

What’s interesting is that, he doesn’t stop at the photos, he also shares the snippets of information he learned about the person’s life, including eye color, what war they served in, children and even family scandals.


Lumish has started paying tribute to veterans on 2013 and has restored more than 300 gravestones at the end of 2015.

His thoughtful act recently went viral after local station ABC Action News picked up his story. Since then, a video featuring his generous act has garnered more than 10 million views on Facebook.


Lumish told Huffington Post after his video went viral “I’m humbled by the kindness, it kinda shakes you to your core to see that you have affected people all over the world — so much so they’re saying such kind things about you and that you’re inspiring people.”



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