While Being Intimate With Her Husband Something Moved Inside Her, When Doctors See It They Are Stunned

While engaging in adult activities with her boyfriend, England resident Ellie Taylor-Davis felt an abnormal mass move in her lower abdomen.

She tried to ignore the uncomfortable incident. Then she went to her gynecologist for a routine appointment, and they identified an “alien-shaped” tumor in her body.

 “I felt something were move inside of me and I thought it was really strange – had never felt like that before which freaked me out.” Taylor-Davis recalled, as reported by Mirror.

Because she noticed a similar feeling while going to the bathroom, she figured she was just constipated. A quick online search verified her assumption.

But then her routine gynecologist visit a month later revealed the potentially fatal tumor living inside her.

“A short while later when my gynecologist was about to fit the coil, she noticed a mass and asked me to take a pregnancy test,” she recalled. After it came back negative, I was sent for scans and was really worried.”

The ultrasound discovered a cancerous tumor attached to her ovaries that was 6.3 inches long. It was putting pressure on her internal organs.

“I was so shocked by how huge it was,” she said. “I’m only a small person, I’m [five-feet two-inches] and a size six, so to have a [6.3-inch] mass the size of a baby inside of me and not know […] was really shocking.”

The United Kingdom has the worst cases of ovarian cancer in Western Europe with a woman dying from it every two hours.

“If I hadn’t gone to have the coil fitted the cancer could have spread much further and I’d be none the wiser,” Taylor-Davis said. “I knew something was wrong and the saying ‘you know your body best’ is definitely true, you have to listen to your gut instinct.”

Because the cancer was caught early enough, it didn’t spread to her lymph nodes and she didn’t need chemotherapy.

She beat cancer and now only needs two checkups each year.

“I’m just thankful I’m in remission and can start returning to a normal life,” she said.

Source: AWM

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