Man Beats 2-Year Old To Death For Spine Chilling Reason

A two year old little girl, Aaliyah, was left in the care of her mothers boyfriend. Her mother was in a bind, and the babies father was unavailable at the time, which is the only reason the boyfriend was ever in the position he was in to harm the child.

Jamrius Graham, 21, is the boyfriend who ultimately killed the little girl. He was watching the little girl, and like most 2 year olds, she spoiled her pants while in bed. Instead of reacting in a normal and sane way, Jamrius turned around and “spanked” the little girl 20+ times. He then turned around and grabbed a plastic hanger and used that to beat the little girl. He left welts, bruises and cuts on the little girl.

Upon arriving home, Jamrius ensured the mother that he didn’t hit the little girl very hard and he didn’t know where the marks came from. The mother claims she didn’t seek immediate medical attention for her daughter because she was afraid that her daughter would then be taken away from her. She waited over 90 minutes before calling for medical attention. The little girl was pronounced dead at a local hospital not long after.

Doctors haven’t been able to determine a definite cause of death yet, but it’s believed that the little girl’s body went into shock due to her injuries caused by Mr. Graham. Her lungs were shown to have some fluid in them as well as bruising and bleeding.

Jamrius is facing up to 30 years in prison for his crimes.

Rest in peace Aaliyah. Fly high.

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Mother’s Boyfriend Beats 2-Year-Old To Death, Reason Why Leaves Police Sick

When the mother to Aaliyah Lewis, a two-year-old toddler, had to ask her boyfriend to babysit her because her father was unavailable, she never expected that it would end with her losing her daughter.

21-year-old Jamarius Devonti Graham was put in charge of Aaliyah while her mother was away. When the young toddler understandably had an accident and spoiled the bed, Graham snapped and spanked her twenty times before taking a plastic hanger and beating her with it until it broke.

Graham proceeded to assure Aaliyah’s mother, who remains unnamed, that he hadn’t struck her very hard. But her mother noticed wounds on her daughter’s body and that she was experiencing breathing difficulties. However, the fear of Aaliyah being taken away from her stopped her from immediately phoning for help.

It took 90 minutes before Aaliyah’s mother called for help, and by that time, it had been too long. Aaliyah was pronounced dead at UF Health Jacksonville shortly after her arrival.

She had suffered from multiple traumas to her head, torso, and limbs, and there was fluid in her lungs and brain that caused swelling. She was also covered in bruises and lacerations.

The cause of Aaliyah’s death has not been confirmed, although doctors speculate that the beatings made her body go into shock and need immediate medical treatment.

As a result, it is likely that she passed away due to a combination of the physical injuries from Graham and her mother’s subsequent neglect to get her to a hospital as soon as possible.

Graham has pled guilty for his crimes and faces a jail sentence of thirty years. He will go on trial in April.

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