She Sprays a Spider to Kill it, Seconds Later Her Worst Nightmare Begins

Few notions will make your skin crawl faster than the thought of parasitic worms. These grotesque creatures take over their host’s body and eat them from the inside. Some worms, like tapeworms, can grow as long as a football field inside a human’s body… Are you grossed out yet?


There are so many crazy things that you can find in the animal kingdom, from wish with one eye and glow in the dark veins, to spiders the size of dinner plates.  We keep on discovering new animals, bugs, and other organisms all the time on our earth, but some are a bit more unwelcome than others.

Some of the scariest animals that live on our planet are parasitic worms. These creatures are absolutely terrifying because they take over their host’s body, and eat their insides until they are essentially dead.  There are some worms such as tapeworms that can grow up to a football field in length inside of a human body.

If you think the notion of having a worm inside of you is creepy, then you probably will want to hear about what one person found inside of a spider that he killed which was lurking around in his home.

Parasitic worms can infect any type of creature, from a mammal, to a fish, to even in an insect like the one this person found in his home.  He saw the spider, which was big and hairy, and everybody knows that when you see a spider like that, you either need to bring it outside, or if you are squeamish kill it with some type of poison or spray, which is what this person opted for.

The person taking the video started recording when they saw what was coming out of the spider, and if you see the video too you will most certainly get some chills.  He sprayed the spider, effectively killing it, but there was much more than just blood and guts on the inside.

What looked like it was a curly fry started to come out of the spider, and was doing so in a corkscrew turning fashion which helped it get out of some tiny hole that it bored in the spider’s body.  What was most surprising was the fact that the spider was only so big, but the worm looked like it went on forever!  It must have taken up most of the space in the spider’s body, leaving very little room for organs and such.

These types of worms eat all the food that you bring into your body, and slowly kill you while feeding and breeding themselves.  Heartworms are also large types of parasitic worms that can grow so long they look like a plate of spaghetti.  It is truly disturbing and just plain out icky to watch something so intrusive and harmful that is so large come out of such a small body of a spider, and to think that this type of thing happens to people in real life all the time.

When the worm finished coming out, it looked like it was about a foot or two long, and the person filming just instantly sprayed it down, killing whatever abominable creature it identified as.


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