CNN Makes SHOCKING Admission About President Trump

This is one article that probably killed CNN to publish. During the campaign, CNN and other fake news outlets tried to convince Republican voters that either President Trump would not or could not keep his campaign promises that proved to be so effective against Hillary Clinton.¬† CNN highlighted the president’s decision to recognize¬† Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He is not the first president to declare Jerusalem should be the capital and that the United States should recognize it as such. Indeed, the last three presidents, Obama, Bush and Clinton all gave it lip service but none of them had the cojones to actually do it.

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A politician who actually does what he told voters he would do seems almost unfathomable in Washington, a town of broken promises. For Donald Trump, being a president who delivers is especially crucial, since it’s one of the golden keys to his so far unbreakable bond with supporters.

The article did contain a few digs at the president such as the statement that Trump is under increasing pressure over the Russia collusion probe. That’s just more fake news from CNN who had to correct two major stories this past week. The first was when they claimed the Trump campaign received the Wikileaks emails over a week before they were published. CNN posted that story before seeing the actual email. CNN reported that the email was from September 4th but the email was actually sent on September 14th and that was after they were made public.

The second story was on Jeff Sessions not reporting meeting with the Russian ambassador. Sessions explained that the FBI told him he did not have to include any business conducted for his job as Senator. CNN brought in an “expert” who said the FBI would never do that and they called Sessions a liar. Well, this week an email surfaced and has been confirmed to be genuine from the FBI instructing Sessions not to include meeting as a US Senator.

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Trump has also been as good as his word in other areas.
As promised, he has moved to renegotiate NAFTA, pulled out of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, walked out of the Paris climate accord, targeted the Iran nuclear deal and introduced a travel ban for residents of some majority Muslim nations, while adopting other radical immigration policies.
Trump vowed to preside over economic growth and set the stock market soaring. The gross domestic product expanded 3.3%(This has been updated and the growth in the 3rd quarter is now 3.9%)  in the third quarter, a three-year high, and the Dow just topped 24,000 points. (This is now 24,504 after tacking on another 118 points today)
But Trump has whiffed on some of his more complex pledges. He’s hardly delivered health insurance “for everybody” like he said he would. The GOP tax plan, according to multiple independent studies, cuts access to health care and helps Trump’s rich friends more than his working class supporters.
Trump didn’t whiff on healthcare, the Senate did. In the tax plan voters would no longer be penalized for not purchasing the overly expensive Obamacare, with it’s large co-payments and deductibles. How does that affect the wealthy? It does allow people to buy insurance plans based on their needs. The savings will be remarkable.

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